Internet Security Software like McAffee, etc., label this as a DANGEROUS SITE. While there is nothing here to infect your computer, there is something here that will convert your soul, changing you from a quisling who is destroying the USA, to a member of the Army of God.

Three Candidates for Governor Model Strategy to Outlaw Abortion in Their States
Horsley for Governor Shows How To End Abortion In Your State


This Video Shows Why A Delayed Enlistment in the new Army of God, USA, is necessary

A Delayed Enlistment In the Army of God Notifies Nation The Creator's Rights Will Be Defended

Christian Hypocrites' March

Obama Is A Sign From God

New Pro Life Strategy

New Uncle Sam

Why Abortion Requires Rage
The War Against Women Goes Balls To The Wall
Take A Delayed Enlistment In the Army of God Today
Introducing The Creator's Rights Party

Read CALL IT REVOLUTION online or get Free .mobi download for Kindle
Unless You Read That Book, You Can't Understand The Creator's Rights Party

Question for Memorial Day
The Creator's Rights Party In Pakistan
The Creator's Rights Party In Great Britain
The Creator's Rights Party In Yemen and Israel
Why Join TCRP? Simple: Be A True Christian, Not A Lapsi
Neal Horsley Is God's Man For Georgia and the USA

FINALLY! Georgia LawMakers Make REAL Move To Outlaw Abortion

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Prophesy is ordinarily understood to be God's Word as it relates to the future. Today any person who accurately interprets the message concerning the future that God sends in Holy Scripture is involved in a prophetic ministry. As you can see this truck participates in that prophetic ministry. Thus it is a Prophesy Truck.

See the video Youtube censored Here

We are setting the truck up with real time Internet video streaming capacity that will be seen at this web site:

Please pray to see whether your Jesus wants you to support us in creating a model showing people how to arrest legalized abortion in the USA. Click this link to see a report about a death threat we recently received on Youtube. That is one of the specific things you can pray for.

Learn About the Hidden Sin of the Pro-Life Movement
Candidate for Georgia Governor Scourges New Southern Baptist President
Boy Cried Before Mother Flushed Him Down Commode
New Web Site Teaches Truthful People To Run For Political Office

Satan Is Pro-Life: Exclusive Interview Reveals the Truth
Why Parents Hate Dead Fetus Pictures
Why Reduction In Number of Abortions Is Nothing to Celebrate
Why We the People of USA Are God's Mortal Enemies
Why I Am Running For Governor
The Sham Resistance of Georgia Human Life Amendment
Why Present Supreme Court Will Not Overturn Roe v. Wade
How Confusion About Rule of Law Kills Babies
Disgusting Christian Pro-Life Pollyannas
When Christian Women Lie About Abortion
How To Force the Federal Government To End Legalized Abortion


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We Will Outlaw Abortion In One State, Or the United States of America Will Be Destroyed
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